This was taken on the first day Fred appeared in our front yard on Thanksgiving Day 2011.

"Ma'm, there's a peacock on your roof."

Fun Fred Facts

Question:  What did Fred eat?

Answer: Fred loved to eat a variety of goodies that include flowers, kale, broccoli, sunflower seeds, young rose bush leaves and his very favorite are bugs.

Question:  Did he fan his feathers often?

Answer:  Fred only fanned his feathers during the mating season which goes from mid March through July.  During the mating season Fred would fan his feathers twice a day; early in the mornings and early in the evenings.

Question:  Did Fred have a girlfriend?

Answer:  Because he lived in a suburban neighborhood it was not encouraged.

Question:  How long do peacocks live?

Answer:  Peacocks live on the average of 20 years.  They can live up to 40 years if well taken care of.

Question:  Was Fred tame?

Answer:    Peacocks can be aggressive birds of which is Fred is not.  Fred was tame in the sense that he would allow only certain people to go near him.  Fred was elusive for the most part.

Question:  Where did he sleep?

Answer:   Peacocks are very survival oriented.  For this reason they sleep in very tall trees to keep out of harms way from predators at night.

Question:  What are some of the behaviors Fred did?

Answer:  Fred could be very vocal during the breeding season.  He has a very loud call that he displays at all hours. Sometimes he makes his call when he hears noises.  Some people keep peacocks on their properties as alarm systems for this reason!  Some people cannot handle the noise but for our family  has become very used to his calls and consider it amazing. Another thing he does is he will often see his reflection in windows or cars and he will think it is another peacock!  Unfortunately he tends to get aggressive when that happens during mating season and has been known to scratch cars that way.  Usually the scratches are superficlal but not always.  This is why peacocks should not be encouraged to live in suburban neighborhoods.  This can pose a danger to them.

Question:  Did he lose his feathers?

Answer:  Yes Fred lost his feathers once a year after the mating season.  Therefore peacocks do not have to be killed for their feathers.  Fred loses his "train" (the long tail) and he ends up with a very short tail for a few months.  Fred also had a tiara on the top of his head which would fall away as well.