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Fred's Story...of loss and great hope

In August 2011  Lena Christensen had suffered the loss of a beloved friend, Kristina, who passed away at the young age of 49. Kristina had promised before she passed that she would ask God to send Lena an encouraging, comforting gift after she died if she could. On Thanksgiving Day (which happened to be Kristina's favorite holiday), 2011 Fred first appeared on Lena's front lawn.  However, Lena did not connect Fred with Kristina until Christmas 2011. Lena had a dream that Kristina came to her and showed her the front door of her home on which there was a wreath of red roses in the shape of a heart. Kristina lit up the wreath into a HUGE heart wreath of bright white roses and she told Lena that she loved her! She then said farewell and Lena woke up. That morning Lena had gone out to breakfast with a friend of Kristina's who kept talking about how she also felt Kristina was with her and when she came home she was astounded!  Fred was literally standing under the wreath of roses on her doorstep! What were the chances of that happening! That was when she put the two together. Lena had shared this experience with another friend of hers who told her that the ancients believed that the peacock is a symbol of resurrection and immortality!  Further more, the early Christian churches depicted peacocks on their murals and altars as the symbol of everlasting life!  God had sent this amazing, promised gift!

Lena and her young daughter began photographing, drawing and writing about Fred's adventures on social media in 2014 and almost overnight Fred became an instant sensation.  He had over 2,000 fans in one weekend!  One year later that number grew to over 15,000.

Tragically, Fred was hit by a car in May 2015 and he passed away a couple of months later on July 4, 2015.  Fred's loving fans had raised the money for his leg surgery and Ventura County Animal Services had provided his board and care with the hope that Fred would completely heal and be relocated to a safe peacock sanctuary in Santa Barbara...

It seems this extraordinary messenger had finished his time here on earth and was called back home.

Forever Fred

Lena Christensen knew that some day she would share Fred's amazing story with the world in book form.  She allowed time to pass to see what more may unfold after he had passed away because she knew that Fred's story wasn't finished yet. In September, 2012, Lena's daughter celebrated a birthday and on that exact date she found a fresh peacock feather on our driveway!  It was a few months later that the book Fred's Little Book of Hope was written.We are happy to announce that, thanks to the many supporters of Fred's page on social media, this book is now available through  this web site and on Amazon!

During Fred's lifetime, thanks to the encouragement of Fred's followers on Facebook, Lena and her daughter Nikki had lovingly written and illustrated a children’s book entitled Fred the Peacock: A True Story which was published just a few days before he departed the earth.  Uniquely illustrated by Lena's 8-year-old daughter Nikki Christensen, it is very popular among 3 to 6 year-olds.  Fred's spiritually uplifting Facebook page called “Fred Wisdom” is active in supporting our animal friends and it is based on  Christian faith, hope and good animal fun.  Every year we publish a beautiful  Fred Wisdom calendar composed of 12 of some of the best photographs that were taken of him during his time here on earth with words of spiritual encouragement.  A large amount of the proceeds from his book and other written materials about him fund animal causes.  His exceptional beauty and touching story live on in the hearts of many people around the world.

As one of Fred’s fans eloquently expressed it, “Fred was a paradise bird meant for paradise.”    It was not a coincidence that Fred went home on July 4th, the ultimate day of freedom.

Check out Fred's wonderful children's book illustrated by 8-year-old Nikki Christensen! Children ages 3 thru 6 LOVE this book!

This is the true story of Fred, a peacock who appeared out of nowhere on Lena Christensen's front lawn on Thanksgiving Day. Wonderfully illustrated by 8-year-old Nikki Christensen, Fred is an amazing bird with an unforgettable tale of hope and promise. Children ages 3 thru 6 ADORE this book!

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Fred the Peacock@lenagal

There are no coincidences

Fred appeared on Thanksgiving Day

Fred's Facebook page made it's debut on Valentine's Day

Fred passed away on Independence Day, the ultimate day of freedom

On Nikki's birthday in September 2016, she found a fresh peacock feather on our driveway!

If you look closely at a peacock feather, the "eyes" are shaped like hearts! Why you may ask?  Because  we are loved by God more than we know!

Fred was a gift of God for sure!

"Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows." James 1:17

A fresh peacock feather found on 9/26/16, a year after Fred passed away. There are no other peacocks in the area that are known of.

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Fred's Little Book of Hope Now Available!

Messenger of Hope of How God Works Thru Nature to Comfort us in need.